Sincerely Addison

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“Dear Hiring Manager,
I just graduated university with a degree in Communication Studies. Yes, I studied how people communicate. It was interesting, albeit slightly useless, but it did help land me an entry-level summer gig as a Public Affairs Officer for a huge company where no one knew my name but the people in cubicles directly attached to mine. My writing kicks ass, I can demand the attention of others like no one’s business, and I have absolutely no problem whatsoever convincing other people that what I have to say is true. My student loans are huge, so if you hire me, I promise I will do everything I can to avoid screwing up since I can’t afford to go another minute without a job. Oh, and I absolutely adore clothes, so working with them and simultaneously putting my writing skills to use would be a dream come true.” 

Meet Addison McKenna, a 23-year-old university graduate with ambition to spare, a head full of dreams, and a heart full of love. An attractive young woman of confidence and determination, she’s frustrated to find herself alone, unemployed and living with her parents after four long years of summer jobs, studying, and college romance. With her boyfriend Blake across the country and no job or money to buy the designer duds she covets, Addison begins to doubt she’ll ever achieve the happily-ever-after she’s always dreamt of.  It is only by mistake that she’s catapulted into a world more fabulous than she’d imagined as a teen when she accidentally sends out a frustrated, brutally honesty cover letter to Canada’s largest entertainment and fashion communications firm.
Thrust into the seemingly glamorous world of press releases, Louboutins, and late night coffee runs, Addison begins to live the life she’d been wishing for as an entry-level coordinator for Hepburn Communications. But with her long distance relationship crumbling before her, an extremely hot boss that brings butterflies to her stomach and mean girls that would scare the pencil skirt off Anna Wintour herself, she begins to re-evaluate what she wants out of both her personal and professional lives. Faced with getting the clothes, career and lifestyle she’d always wanted, Addison can’t help but wonder if her childhood imagination will lead her to the ending she’d been lusting after, or if her strictly-defined life goals will cost her the most important thing of all; herself.

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